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Changing Lives Skills Support during the Covid Pandemic: !

We at Changing Lives International saw the time of the pandemic not as a setback but a set up to develop our local people. We therefore built a skills centre in Kiyuni Mubende which was aimed at….

Welcome to the official website of Changing lives ministry. The abundant love of our Lord Jesus compels us to extend that love to all his creation.May you be blessed as you browse our pages and feel free to always come back and to contact us through our contact page for any contributions to the ministry.Changing Lives Ministry is determined to advance the Kingdom of God by showing and sharing the love of God in practical ways.

We want to share the gospel of John 3:16-17 so that many will understand that God loves them and wants them to live an abundant life (John 10:10)

When you get in touch with this ministry and hear God’s word for you, your life changes.

Recent Events

Proscovia’s newly renovated home in Buyende Busoga. This is Proscovia’s old house!

Praise God for the Changing Lives Ministry Office in Kiyuni. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Reaching out to the people of Kiyuni, Mubende district with Easter packages.

Fortportal Changing Lives evangelism event 26th – 28th February 2021

The Official Opening of Changing Lives Church in Kiyuni-Mubende; Ordination of Pastor Sam and the Graduation of 15 Ministers with a Diploma in Theology

Praise Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank you for all your support and prayers. The church of God opened on August 27th 2020; beautifully finished and giving God Glory. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus Christ.

Praise God for the roofing of the Church in Kyengegwa Mubende. God’s people can now meet with no fear of rain. Glory Glory to God….. Changing Lives Church in Kyengegwa.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people in devastating situations; with neither food to eat nor the basic commodities. Changing Lives Ministries embarked on distribution of relief items like food stuffs and cash to the widows and families in Nangabo , Kiyuni-Mubende and Buyende. Below are some of the pictures from these events. 

In addition with support from well wishers Changing Lives has given seeds to farmers in Kiyuni-Mubende to ensure food security during these unprecedented times. Our God reigns always.

The seeds that were distributed are now growing steadily after the appearance of the rains. Glory to God.

During this season Changing Lives started supporting a widow in Buyende to construct her kitchen, toilet and bathroom. This has progressed well as per pictures below:

The church of God in Kiyuni- Mubende is also matching forward to the Glory of God and has now been beautifully finished. This church has moved from a make shift 30 seater to a 400 seater church which glorifies the name of God.

In 2019, Changing Life launched a new Church in Kiyuuni village, Mubende district. In the same spirit we held a medical outreach here. We then traveled East to for an evangelism mission in Buyende and Kagulu in the Busoga Region. Watch video below for a wrap up of these events.